Have you seen our latest commercials where we surprised unsuspecting Dads with complimentary haircuts, and fans attending a concert with VIP seat upgrades? Or maybe, you were one of the lucky few at Globe Life Park in Arlington for the Rangers game sitting in one of our barber chairs getting a free trim, or at the Lost 80’s concert in Grand Prairie being upgraded to front row seats! Yes, we’re real… and we’re really helpful!

“A hair cut and a ball game? LET’S DO IT!”

Last month, we were at a Rangers game and helped fans with a hair cut or a beard trim – for free! We thought that fans should look good while cheering for their home team. Everyone was so excited and really found this to be a very random and unexpected way to be helpful. A young gentleman told us, “My wife said my beard needed a trim, so I guess today’s the day! I really appreciate the help, thank you!”  And as they headed off to their seats, we provided helpful manly-kits with some personal care items, too. A free hair cut at the ball game? It is just one more way we’re being helpful.

I just saw the commercial where you upgraded people to VIP seats. Is this that? IS THIS REAL LIFE?”

Being helpful, is our jam – so we decided to surprise unsuspecting Honda drivers attending The Lost 80’s Concert at the Grand Prairie Theater with front row seats! We decided to be helpful to the people who needed it most – those who had seats in the far back of the arena. When we asked a young couple if they were Honda drivers, and asked to see their keys, they were a bit confused, until we told them the good news. “This just made our week! THANK YOU! All because we drive a Honda? This is awesome!”

Whether it’s at a ballpark, a concert, a school, a park, or a grocery store – we’re always trying to find ways to be helpful in the community. Want to know what we’re up to next? Make sure you’re following us across our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at NTXHondaDealers, and keep an eye out for us in your neighborhood – we could help you, next!