We’ve been bringing Random Acts of Helpfulness to two-legged residents all over North Texas, by helping load groceries, cleaning parks, lending a hand to those less fortunate, volunteering in the community and more. So, in an effort to help our four-legged friends, we hosted our 1st Annual Helpful Pet Adoptions in March, and it was PAW-SOME!

Over St. Paw-trick’s Day, we partnered with the SPCA of Texas to help adoptable pets find their forever homes. Our pet adoptions took place at Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney, the Graffiti and Street Art Festival in Fort Worth, and Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas. We helped current and new pet parents with a pet kit, which included a food bowl, leash, and doggy-poop bags. Helpful, of course it is! One grateful dog owner told us, “My dog went to the bathroom earlier and I did not have a doggy bag, now I do and its thanks to you guys, thank you North Texas Honda people!” As a thank you to the SPCA of Texas for all they do to save animals in need, we matched all the day’s adoption fees. A Fort Worth resident complimented our efforts and told us, This is so great you are here helping such a good cause, most of the puppies are getting adopted and your donation will be another blessing.”

On March 24th, we continued our Helpful Pet Adoptions in partnership with other local shelters including the Richardson Animal Shelter, Denton Animal Shelter and Burleson City Animal Shelter. Residents were happy to see that our Helpful Honda people from the commercials, were actually real, I have seen the commercials! I’m so glad to see the blue shirts out here, helping out the community.” Along with the complimentary pet kits, we made a supplies donation back to each shelter which included food, treats, toys, beds, crates, blankets, collars, and much more. Reps from the shelter all shared the same sentiment, telling us, “We are so grateful to partner with the North Texas Honda Dealers for these events!”

In total, we helped over 50 pets find their fur-ever homes and we’re very thankful to all of you for helping us help these pets in need. You can still continue to help by reaching out to the SPCA of Texas, the Burleson City Animal Shelter, the Richardson Animal Shelter, the Denton Animal Shelter or any of your local animal shelters to make a donation or find your new four-legged best friend.

What’s next for us? We’ve been playing Random Eggs of Helpfulness all over North Texas.  Through Easter Sunday, we are hiding giant blue Easter eggs filled with an array of prizes – from movie and shopping gift cards to year-long memberships and season passes to local zoos, water parks, and theme parks! Want to play? You can join the hunt by checking out location clues on Facebook at NTXHondaDealers. By the way, if you know a helpful teacher who could use a $5,000 supplies donation, let us know at [email protected] – we want to help!