To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this May, we sent our Helpful Honda Guys to Denton, North Richland Hills, and Pleasant Grove in Dallas to surprise and honor three deserving teachers with their ultimate school supplies wish-lists.   The lists included kitchen and living room furniture for a life-skills special-ed teacher; whiteboards, headphones, desks, and flexible seating for a teacher with a very limited budget; and brand new drums for a music teacher who barely had any instruments to teach her students music.  Meet these three very special teachers:

Leslie Heckmann of Rivera Elementary in Denton

Kindergarten through 5th Grade Music Teacher, Mrs. Leslie Heckmann, is passionate about music and believes music can help her students grow in ways that other school subjects cannot. She feels music is important to a child’s development in math, reading, writing, and language skills. Before we arrived with this Random Act of Helpfulness, Mrs. Heckmann had very limited resources to acquire any instruments – students would use drumsticks to tap in the air or on the ground; kids would bang their shoes on the floors to simulate drums; and with what little instruments she did have, students would have to take turns, restricting their ability for everyone to play music together. So, during the middle of the class’ daily warm-up — while students were tapping drumsticks on the ground — the Helpful Honda Guys walked in. Mrs. Heckmann said, “I saw the Honda logo and immediately knew something good was happening!” And she was right! We surprised her with drums for each and every one of her students.  “Thank you so much for this generous gift! The students will be using these drums every day.”

Jenna Burns of Richland High School in North Richland Hills

Mrs. Jenna Burns teaches life skills to special-ed high school students. As a life-skills teacher, Mrs. Burns’ goal is to ensure her students can function in the real world – from grocery shopping to pouring coffee, to doing their own laundry, washing dishes, and more. As it goes, her washing machine and dishwasher broke, so, of course, we wanted to help. We surprised Mrs. Burns with $5,000 worth of school supplies which included a brand new washing machine and dishwasher, in addition to a brand new coffee-cart, living room furniture, shelving, and art supplies! Mrs. Burns was so grateful and overwhelmed. She told us, “…at this point all I can remember is crying. I am so happy!”

Eboni Jones of John Ireland Elementary in Pleasant Grove, Dallas

Mrs. Eboni Jones is so loved by her students that her principal, Stephanie Amaya, ensures all of the schools’ 5thgrade students have Mrs. Jones as a teacher. “It’s because we needed to make sure that all of the students were getting her greatness,” Ms. Amaya shared. The school held a Teacher Appreciation assembly and invited students to say a few special words about their favorite teachers. Mrs. Jones received an unexpected honor from some very Helpful Honda Guys in Blue. Mrs. Jones was so ecstatic that she could not control her excitement and screamed, “Honda person!! It’s a Honda person!” Mrs. Jones is always thinking of her students and ways to improve their learning so we gifted her flexible seating options -like stools and bean bags; headphones, whiteboards, moveable desks, and a storage unit to brighten up her classroom as well as the smiles on her student’s faces. Mrs. Jones was extremely grateful for our donations saying, “Thank you for helping me bring the lesson alive.”

Sounds Helpful, right? Well, it’s better to watch it all happen. Head over to to see how we pulled off the surprises and to learn more about the teachers that were honored.

What’s next for us? Special surprises are in store for Rangers’ fans, music fans, and for the guys who could use a little pampering – how does a free hair cut or shave sound? Find out more about our upcoming Random Acts of Helpfulness by following our social media pages:, and