One of our favorite things this time of year is the State Fair of Texas. Where else could you see Big Tex, learn about the different farms and animals in our great state and watch pigs race, all while enjoying a frozen lemonade, an infamous Fletcher’s Corny Dog, then ride rides, play games, and win prizes? It’s one of the best times of the year, and we thought we could help make going to the State Fair of Texas a little bit easier for you.

We know to park at the fair is tough, the weather is hot, and the last thing you’d want to do is take a long trek to the entrance right? So, our Helpful Honda pedicabs returned to the State Fair to help everyone attending with a quick – and free! – ride to the front gates. We told everyone to, “Hop on. This ride is free.”

An elder resident was very thankful for the ride, “You really helped this old woman out! I was dreading that walk. Thank you!” And families were able to hop on a few of our pedicabs to help get their kids to the gates and out of the heat faster, too, “The only thing my kids hate about going to the fair, is that we have to park so far, sometimes. So this ride definitely made their day and mine. Thank you so much!”

But what about the heat, you say? Well, we were able to help keep you cool, too. Whether we greeted you as you hopped off our pedicabs, or as you got off the train at the gates, or maybe you were dropped off at the entrance, we were there with some complimentary cooling towels to help you beat the Texas heat. “Wow! These cooling towels are so expensive once you’re inside the fair, so you helped me save some bucks! Now I can buy an extra Corny Dog!” Helping you save a few dollars and keep your cool factor? It’s just one more way we’re being helpful.

So what’s next for us? FREE PUMPKINS! For you, that is.

We’ll be visiting local pumpkin patches through the North Texas area surprising families with free pumpkins! We’ll also be making special visits to Cook’s Children’s Hospital, Medical City Children’s Hospital, and working with Amy’s Wish With Wings and Endersby Photography to bring some Hondaween cheer to kids in need.

Want to join us at a pumpkin patch or curious to see what else we’re up to? Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter an Facebook at NTXHondaDealers. Send us a message if you’ve been helped, or need some help. You never know, we could surprise you with a Random Act of Helpfulness.