Did you catch a ride with us at the State Fair of Texas during opening weekend? We knew it would be busy at the Fair and many of you would be walking quite a distance to the entrance. So, we sent the Helpful Honda people in our pedicabs to give visitors Random Rides of Helpfulness, giving everyone a free ride to the front gates! A family of five parked near Deep Ellum was very surprised: “You really will give us a ride for free?” Yep! After all, it is our job to be helpful – you’re welcome, legs.  Everyone who got a free ride were extremely thankful and surprised. “Parking is so bad! But this ride is so cool. I have a new respect for Honda.”

In October, we’ve been all about bringing the helpful treats to local communities – no tricks! We have been spending our Hondaween visiting patients at local children’s hospitals, including Medical City Hospital and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas and Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, by bringing patients an afternoon filled with arts & crafts, pumpkin decorating, costumes, and more! “I’ve seen you on TV, and I can’t believe you came to visit me here. Thank you so much!” Parents were also happy to see us, “Thank you! My kid is loving this so much.” We’re always happy to help spread Hondaween cheer to those whose spirits could use a little boost. “It’s a hard time to be sick during the holidays. You guys are amazing. We are so thankful.”

Our Hondaween activities didn’t stop there. We’ve also been surprising families with FREE PUMPKINS at local pumpkin patches all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area! So far, we’ve visited the Aubrey Pumpkin Patch, Downtown Paris Pumpkin Patch, Blase Family Farm, and Mainstay Farm, with more stops this weekend. “I have heard of you guys on the radio, but I’ve never seen anyone from Helpful Honda before. This is great. Thank you so much for the pumpkin!“ So if you see a Helpful Honda guy at the pumpkin patch, it’s not a costume, it’s really us! Make sure to stop by and we could treat you to a free pumpkin or maybe a glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat pail! We are visiting a few more patches before the end of the month so make sure to check out Facebook.com/NTXHondaDealers for updates.

Here’s one more helpful hint about our holiday plans … We’ll be back at the pumps with free gas for your Honda. Make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at NTXHondaDealers to find out where and when.