It’s our job to be helpful, and we’ve continued to bring Random Acts of Helpfulness to people across North Texas. From helping a struggling grandmother with a special gift for her grandchildren to helping a Special Olympics Basketball tournament in Mesquite to helping residents at local grocery stores, parks, gyms, and community events – we’re always looking for more ways we can help you!

Mesquite ISD hosted a Special Olympics Boys and Girls Basketball tournament at Lainey Fraiser Middle School and reached out to ask if we could help. So we sent our Helpful Honda guys to referee the games, run the scoreboards, act as ball boys and water boys, and also helped during the awards ceremony. Happy to report that games were won, winners were made, and helpfulness was appreciated by everyone: “Thank you, North Texas Honda for doing this for our community. You were such great help, and we are so glad that you came to help us.”

Helpful tip: you can also spot us in your local community, too! We’re always helping load purchases and put carts away at your local grocery stores, helping set up BBQs and parties at your local parks and playgrounds, cheering you on at city marathons, and will even help provide water or hand sanitizer before you work out at the gym. It’s just a few more ways we’re being helpful.

You can also write to us for help. We read each and every Random Act of Helpfulness request you write in, and one that caught our attention was from Rene in Arlington. Rene wrote, “We’d really love to take our grandchildren out to do something fun. We have no other support for them and money is tight. They’re wonderful children and deserve so much.” So here’s what we did: we surprised Rene and her grandchildren with free tickets to the Dallas Zoo, provided a special VIP experience and gave them the once in a lifetime opportunity to “Flip the Switch” to kick off Dallas Zoo Lights. Rene told us, “Hey y’all! You sponsored my family’s trip to the Dallas Zoo and we had a really great time and the kids were so excited! Thank you!”

Speaking of the Dallas Zoo – guess what’s blue, and helpful, and heading to the Dallas Zoo? Us, that’s who! On select Saturdays this year, we’ll be surprising Honda drivers with free parking, a chance to feed the giraffes, VIP experiences like a special animal meet-and-greet or a chance to feed a tortoise, elephant, or penguin! Want to join us? Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at NTXHondaDealers to find out when you can meet us at the Dallas Zoo. We’re very excited to see you there.