It’s our job to be helpful, and we especially like to recognize those who are being helpful in their own community, too. So, when we reached out to you to tell us about someone doing their own Random Act of Helpfulness in your local neighborhood, we were so happy to hear the many ways you were giving back. From helping animals, to wanting to help schools, and seniors – we thank you for doing your part.

Latosha, from Rowlett, wrote in to tell us about her daughters, sharing, “I’m requesting that someone help me recognize my daughters who are 15 years old and 13 years old. They have been giving out diapers to the community for one entire year. They started a diaper bank and their website is I’ve been helping them as much as I could. We’re very low on diapers and can’t seem to get any donated to us. My girls are getting discouraged. I just really want someone to help me give them some type of recognition and let them now that they’re doing a very good job for the community.”

No problem, Latosha, we can help.

We surprised the teens at their local diaper distribution event, and donated over $1,000 worth of diapers, women’s products, and baby clothing to help them make a bigger contribution and give to those families in need. The girls were so excited and touched to not only receive the donation, but to see that people appreciate the work they do for their own community. “This is so exciting! Thank you so much!” We even stayed to help, and are fortunate to have been able to meet the next generation of helpfulness. We’ll be joining Pretty Hard at Times at future diaper distribution events, so if you, or someone you know is in need, make sure to visit their website for details to find out where they can go:

Next up? We’ll be helping local group, Bike Friendly South Dallas, a non-profit organization dedicated to the wellness, mobility, and mentoring through bicycle-riding, maintenance, safety and awareness in the community through advocacy, education, and outreach. Join us on Saturday, February 26th at 10AM at Bike Friendly South Dallas for a Black History Tour through the neighborhood. We’ll be onsite to help give away complimentary bike helmets, tune-ups, and more! For more information about this event, visit:

Our next act of helpfulness is going to the dogs! And cats! And guinea pigs and other small animals! All ready and available for adoption! Join us at our Helpful Honda Pet Adoption throughout the month of March to meet your next four-legged best friend. For information on where we’ll be, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at NTXHondaDealers.