During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust to a new normal. What’s normal for us? Being helpful. So, we recognized a few of our local heroes over the last few weeks: our teachers and our frontline medical workers.

In-person attendance at schools has been put on hold, but teachers have continued to educate their students virtually through online learning. Typically, we honor and surprise teachers with in-class teaching supplies during Teacher Appreciation Week. We’ve helped teachers with basic school supplies, classroom furniture and seating, hands-on appliances for real-world experiences, math games and 3D printers, science equipment, and even musical instruments. So, as online learning become crucial to continuing education, we decided to virtually surprise a teacher and her entire class of kindergartners!

Principal Ordaz, of Cesar Chavez Elementary in Fort Worth, wrote to us about Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Glessing. Principal Ordaz shared, “[Mrs. Glessing] is an outstanding teacher that is thriving as an online educator. She fought to make sure each of her kindergarten students received access to Chromebooks and hotspots.  Once that happened, she taught kindergarteners to “Zoom”.  The students are learning things based on the curriculum, but embedded in their daily lives for the sake of higher relevance.  Mrs. Glessing has always cared about her students, but during this time, I have seen her go above and beyond to learn more technology and to teach her students the needed technology and curriculum simultaneously.  This hurdle has not stopped her, rather, it has propelled her.”

 Mrs. Glessings students were using computers or their parents’ phones to access their online lessons. As we know with young children, keeping their attention can be tough, so we were more than happy to help Mrs. Glessing’s students get focused while learning from home. During an online class with Mrs. Glessing, her entire class was interrupted by one of our Helpful Honda Guys. The kids were surprised to learn that not only would we help with flexible seating and organizational seat covers when they returned to school, but that we were sending each one a set of headphones with microphones to help them better hear, and communicate with their teacher during their online learning. Mrs. Glessing shared, “I’m a little in shock! It feels really good [to be recognized] and I’m very honored and very excited. My kids are going to be excited because I get them [for first grade], too, so they get to reap these benefits as well! Winning this … I’m in shock right now. I don’t know what to say!” Luckily, her students did. Her kindergartners shared, “You are so nice to us!”,I like when we spend time together,” and the most touching, “I love that Mrs. Glessing loves us like her own.”  Want to see how we pulled off this surprise? You can watch that video here.

Another group of people who have had the crucial task of keeping the community healthy during the pandemic, while constantly putting themselves at risk, are our frontline medical workers. Frontline health workers are those directly providing services where they are most needed and are the first and often the only link to health care for millions of people. They have become a true force for good, revered in the communities they serve. So for those working in local hospitals and medical facilities, tirelessly and selflessly, we had a big surprise in store.

We sent out Helpful Honda Guys to local gas stations in Fort Worth, Dallas, and McKinney to surprise and help all frontline medical workers with FREE GAS. In keeping social distancing in mind, all frontline workers had to do was stay in their cars, show us their medical badge, and pull up to the pumps. “We can’t thank you enough for helping us like this. We work so much, and being able to get this special treat is just … it makes my day. Thank you.” We helped hundreds of frontline medical workers with free gas, but if you’re familiar with us, you know we had more helpful surprises in store.

We also delivered Helpful Honda care packages to local hospitals including Baylor Scott & White Health – McKinney, Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, and Cook’s Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. Our Helpful Honda care packages were filled with grocery gift cards, toiletries, snacks, and even blue “Helpful,” hoodies! Angela, from Baylor Scott & White Health, shared, As a Thank you from Baylor Scott and White we appreciate all you did during nurses week for us. From the bountiful bags full of snacks, first aid items, and even a hoodie, to the free gas. North Texas Honda, you are the bomb!” Nurse Becca F. shared, Thank you so much! I just got off of shift and finally had a moment to look in my goodie bag- we are so grateful! Thank you for making us feel so appreciated!  It means a lot, especially now.”

To our teachers, our frontline medical workers, essential workers, and everyone in between, we thank you. Your dedication to helping others, your community, your families, and your kids stay safe during this pandemic is hard work, but we are Texas-Strong and we know we can do it, as long as we do it together.

We’ll continue to volunteer at your local food pantries and distribution centers, and always welcome you to reach out if you need any help: http://www.ntxhondadealers.com/help. If you want to know what we’re up to, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at NTXHondaDealers.

We continue to wish you all health, safety, and compassion during this time. Be safe everyone!