What’s better than heading to the park, and enjoying a nice BBQ during Memorial Day Weekend? How about one where we bring the food, cook it and give it you – for free? Too good to be true? Nope, it’s one more way we’re being helpful.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we partnered with One90 Smoked Meats for some smokin’-good eats and surprised runners, walkers, hikers and park goers at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas with a feast of brisket, chicken, mac & cheese and more. Everyone was very surprised, as one hiker exclaimed, “Am I dreaming, is this a mirage?” For the runners and bikers, it was definitely a helpful way to refuel. “That was great. I filled up on some protein, meat and beans to help get me through the rest of my ride! Now I’m ready to keep biking!” Families were excited, too, “We brought the kids here because we thought it was a nice day to come out to the park and here we are getting this amazing meal. Just our lucky day!” We even ran into people who follow us on our social media pages. “We met you guys pumping gas yesterday and started following you on Facebook. And today we saw your post about the free BBQ and made our way out here! The food is amazing.”

We had a lot of fun kicking off summer at the park and appreciate everyone who joined us – it was great to meat you all.

And speaking of free, we’re also driving around North Texas in a big, blue gas tanker truck helping Honda drivers with FREE GAS through the 4th of July! We’ve visited Dallas, Irving, McKinney and Burleson so far, with additional stops on Wednesdays for #HelpfulPumpDay in Paris, The Colony, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Denton, and Richardson! How does it work? Well, if you drive a Honda all you have to do is follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at NTXHondaDealers) to get updates on where we’ll be pumping gas next – just like this driver did: “I follow you on Facebook, waiting for gas events to be posted and here I am!” For many, it’s a helpful and welcome surprise once they drive up to their local gas station. “I was literally just on my way to get gas up the street when I saw the signs saying you’re helping Honda drivers with free gas!”

How else are we helping this summer? Keep an eye out for an ice cream truck and do a double take to see if the Helpful Honda people are around because we’re planning to surprise EVERYONE with FREE ICE CREAM! Want us to show up to your summer party, your office, or volunteer event? Let us know by visiting us on Facebook.com/NTXHondaDealers, Twitter.com/NTXHondaDealers or Instagram.com/NTXHondaDealers to share all the details.  You never know, we might just swing by to help everyone with a cool, tasty treat.