State Fair of Texas. Opening weekend. Time for another … Random Act of Helpfulness.

We know how much you love going to the State Fair of Texas, and we also know how expensive it can be. So, we sent our Helpful Honda Guys to the fair, to surprise Honda drivers with something helpful: free parking and a chance to win free prizes just for being a loyal Honda driver. Sounds like a ‘fair’ trade to us!

To kick off the opening weekend, we surprised hundreds of Honda drivers with FREE PARKING. Helping you save money at the fair? It’s just one more way we’re being helpful. Many shared how grateful they were for the free parking, sharing, “You’re joking! I just purchased my CRV yesterday! I don’t have my plates, and I’m already getting free stuff? Love my new Honda!” And, “I still don’t understand… You’re just going to pay for my Fair parking just because I have a Honda?” Yes! It’s our job to be helpful, and helping Honda drivers is one of our favorite things to do!

For those who came for the free parking, they also stayed for the free prizes. We hosted a Helpful Balloon Pop game, where all you had to do was pop a balloon to win a prize. But we made it even easier – we brought you inside the booth to pop a balloon right in front of you! One fair goer stated, “All you need is my Honda key to get a prize? You’re just gonna give me something?” Yep, we sure are! Prizes ranged from gas cards, to shopping cards, to food, groceries, tickets to an upcoming Rangers game, a family membership to the Dallas Zoo, and even Season Passes to the State Fair of Texas! “I feel like I won so much today. My Honda got us parking and I won a free pass to the fair. I won the day.”

And if you know, you know. A few of you shared that you’ve supported us from the beginning, saying,  “I have been following you since last State Fair you came out for free pedi-cab rides! Good thing I have been looking at your Instagram to know you’d be back!” and “I follow you on Instagram! I’m happy I saw you were giving away parking, so I decided to come to the fair!”

Next up? Free pumpkins! We’ve partnered with local pumpkin patches, in Denton, Dallas, Rockwall, Arlington, and more to help your family to a free pumpkin this Hondaween season! To find us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at NTXHondaDealers and we’ll see you at the patch!