We love helping people in the community. From food banks and organizations that help families with diapers, essentials, food, clothing; to volunteering at community events that bring people together like marathons, park clean-ups, school fairs, and more. It’s great to see how strong our communities and community members are and we’re grateful to see everyone do their part to give back.

Want to know another group we love helping? Adoptable pets!

We partnered with local animal shelters and rescue groups – including The Love Pit, Dallas Animal Services, the SPCA of Texas, Denton Animal Shelter, Burleson City Animal Shelter and the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center – to help adoptable pets find their forever homes and forever best friends (you!).

We encouraged everyone to come out to our Helpful Honda Pet Adoptions to meet some of the city’s neediest and most deserving pets in need of a home. From dogs, cats, rabbits, and more – there was a fur-baby ready and waiting to find their perfect match. One resident in Dallas shared, “I saw the Helpful Honda van outside! Thanks for being a part of this event. Having you guys here makes it even more special.”

In addition to encouraging pet adoptions, we provided all visitors with a complimentary pet starter kit that included a food bowl, a tennis ball, a leash, a stylish blue-bandana, and a collapsible bowl – to help keep them hydrated for when you take your pets on hikes or to the park to hang out. “My dog will love it! We don’t have a bowl for the park, so this will definitely come in handy!”

As a thank you, and to help out even more, we made a supplies donation to each of our partners. Among the items: dog food, treats, cat food, toys, blankets, crates, leashes, and mats! To make a donation to any of our partners, you can visit their donation pages at the links below.

So, what’s next for us? Oh, you know, the usual – more RANDOM ACTS OF HELPFULNESS! We’ll be surprising teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and hosting complimentary spa-days during Mother’s Day Weekend. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where we’ll be!




To donate to our Helpful Honda Pet Adoption Partners, visit their websites at: