Who runs the world? Moms!

According to FinanceBuzz, Americans plan to spend $31.7 billion on Mother’s Day in 2022. In 2022, Americans plan to spend $31.7 billion in total on Mother’s Day gifts and activities. That’s a whole lot of daisies and spa gift cards!

So, in addition to helping Mom’s relax, we wanted to help you save a little money, while still being able to give Mom a special treat.

This year, we celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting a Helpful Honda pop-up Mother’s Day Spa! Moms do so much to take care of everyone, so we wanted to take a moment to take care of them. We provided complimentary manicures and massages for Moms while they were enjoying a day at Armstrong Park in Duncanville or heading into their local Tom Thumb in Dallas. Moms shared with us: “I’ve never had a massage, and I never have the time to get my nails done anymore. Thank you, Honda!” And for one hard-working mom just getting off her shift, it was the highlight of her day, “I just finished working 12 hours. The massage was great!” Happy to help, Moms!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare is projected to grow 16 percent and although the industry has been resilient, the pandemic has further amplified and stressed the labor market and shortage. And still, nurses are overworked, tired, and sacrifice so much of their day and lives to the help and care of others. So, we wanted to help them, too.

We sent our Helpful Honda Guys to local gas stations in Dallas to Euless to surprise nurses with FREE GAS. Hundreds of nurses showed up to our events and were so grateful to receive free gas! As one nurse was just ending her shift and heading home, she shared, “What a perfect way to end my day.” Another nurse in Euless has been following us on social media and stated, “I’ve been stalking y’all to get my gas. Glad I finally found you!” And another nurse marveled, “I always see y’all on commercials, but I didn’t know this was real life.” Well, yes. We are real, and it’s really our job to be helpful. To all of the North Texas Nurses out there – we thank you for being helpful.

If you were thinking, “So you only did free gas for nurses?” You would be happy to know we also came back during Memorial Day Weekend to help even MORE people with free gas. We wanted to give our thanks to our veterans and active military service members by helping out with complimentary tanks of gas for their cars. Don’t worry, Honda drivers were treated, too. We made our way to Dallas, Arlington, Frisco, Irving, and Rowlett to help lucky Honda drivers, vets and active military members with free gas. One Honda driver shared, “You have really made my holiday weekend better!” And a veteran shared, “This is an amazing way to pay it forward.” We appreciate all of what our local military has, and continues to do, to keep us safe. Thank you all for being helpful.

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