Honda Drivers and Vets get free gas? Yasss!

More than 1.6 million veterans call Texas home; 386,358, or roughly one-fourth of all veterans statewide, live in the Dallas–Fort Worth (DFW) area.** To show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice, we thought we could bring our local veterans a nice pump of helpfulness: free gas.

Our Helpful Honda Guys visited local gas stations in Irving, Dallas, and Euless to help some of our local heroes with free gas for their cars – no matter what kind of car they drove. One veteran shared their surprise saying, “I can’t believe that a company would do something like this for the people that served.” And, what touched us the most, “Thank you so much for not forgetting us on Veterans Day.” We appreciate all who have served, or are currently serving, for their help and sacrifices to keep us safe. We thank you for your service.

Being helpful at the pumps continued into Thanksgiving week – just in time for your holiday travels. This time, it was free gas for Honda drivers! Many of you follow us on social media, and knew exactly where and how to find us. “Bless you guys. I really needed some help today. I’m so happy I have a Honda today!” And for the skeptics who still aren’t sure if we’re real, or really helpful, we were happy to prove at least one of you wrong, as one Honda driver stated, “I saw you on TV, but I thought that was just a show. You do go out in Dallas!”

As the holidays approach, we still have many ways we’re giving back. We’ll be surprising a few lucky kids of Big Brother Big Sisters Lone Star, with brand new bikes! Now that’s one way to get the holidays rolling, right? We are so excited, and with the help of our friends at Bike Friendly South Dallas, we’ll make sure all the bikes are safe, secure, and ready to ride.

If you were following us on social media, you’d know we were looking to bring more Random Acts of Helpfulness directly to you! We put up a big, blue, wishing tree at the Grapevine Mills Mall over Black Friday weekend, and asked you to write down your wish, and put it on our tree. Many wished for a new car, toys, clothes, food, a Christmas tree, help with bills, and more. Well, guess what? Our Helpful Honda blue elves are starting to make those wishes come true. If you made a wish, and placed it on a tree, you might be getting a call from us! Make sure you stay close to your phones, because we just might be on the other end of the line.

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Have a safe, happy, and helpful holidays!