Have you seen the guys and gals in blue in your neighborhood, lending a hand in the most unexpected ways? In October, we helped adoptable pets find new homes at the SPCA of Texas, and matched adoption fees to help even more animals in need; brought arts, crafts and costumes to celebrate the Honda-ween holiday with kids and patients of the Medical City Children’s Hospital; surprised drivers with free gas at the pumps; and so much more.
The holiday season is a great time to give back, and we did it in the best way we know how – by continuing to be helpful. We kicked off our Random Acts of Helpfulness in December with a cheap skate: FREE ice skating at Frisco Square for families and kids of all ages! Over 400 people were treated to complimentary ice skate rentals and an hour of free ice skating! With the cold weather, we even helped skaters warm up with hot chocolate and some cookies, too. Shoppers and passersby were shocked, and more than thankful for the surprise: “I just lost my job, so being able to skate with my husband and kids is a great way for us to enjoy today and save the money toward dinner tonight. You guys are amazing.” And for those who weren’t planning to skate at all, this was even more of a reason to kick off their shoes and lace up their skates: “It’s so expensive to skate, so we didn’t plan on it today. But we saw you, and now all my friends and I can do this together! Totally awesome! Thanks, guys!”
Frisco Square encouraged skaters and shoppers to help with their toy drive which benefitted Operation Once in a Lifetime, an organization focused on helping U.S. Service Members, Honorable Discharged Veterans and their families. We helped too, and donated over 250 toys to Operation Once in a Lifetime so the families could enjoy their holiday season.
Next, we headed to Family Gateway, a shelter in downtown Dallas for children and families affected by homelessness that provides housing, educational and social services. We catered a full holiday meal including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, apple pie and more to over 25 deserving families. For some, it was more than they could have ever expected: “This is the best meal we’ve had in a long time. We really appreciate you coming.” The kids couldn’t contain their appreciation either: “BEST. FOOD. EVER!” We also gave each family a gift card to a local retailer, so they could buy some holiday essentials: “Thank you for the gift card; we don’t have a lot, so it’s great you’re helping me give my family a little something for the holidays. Thank you so much.”
To end the year being helpful, we hosted a big holiday event with Youth World Learning Center, a non-profit organization that offers youth development programs for at-risk children. Twenty-five kids were in for a big surprise. Ranging in ages from 5-16 years old, the kids helped us assemble bicycles, but little did they know, the bikes were actually for them! “No way! This is mine? I never had a bike before!” The kids joined the Helpful Honda people and went straight to work tightening screws, putting wheels and handle bars on, and pumping air in tires so they could enjoy their new ride. Safety is key, so we also had a bike expert on hand to ensure all bikes were built to par, and we provided each rider with a helmet and lock, too: “The last bike I had got stolen because I didn’t have a lock. I’m so happy I have a new bike, and a lock to make sure it stays with me forever. This is a great holiday.”
Helpful doesn’t just come during the holidays – we’re out every week helping residents in many ways. We’ll help you load your groceries into your car; set up your parties at the park; hand out water during your morning runs; and provide complimentary poop bags so you can clean up after your pup at the dog park. And we’re always happy to volunteer with your organization, too.
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