It’s always been our job to be helpful. Whether it’s volunteering at community events, visiting dog parks and helping owners with doggy-bags and giving the dogs all the love and pets and playtime, or opening doors for you at the gym, or helping you load groceries into your cars at our local supermarkets – we’re happy to be helpful.

During this crucial time of health, safety, and social distancing, our job of being helpful has continued throughout the community.

We’ve been busy helping local food pantries, including Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano, Aunt Bette’s Community Pantry in Dallas, the North Texas Food Bank, the Community Enrichment Center in North Richland Hills, the Cedar Hill Food Pantry and more. We’re working safely alongside their volunteers in organizing, prepping, and distributing food to those in need. Families driving in were grateful, and surprised to see us in person, “I’ve seen the commercials! What a surprise to see you here, thank you!” The hard-working volunteers at each of these organizations have also expressed their gratitude, “Thank you for coming back to help. With what’s going on, it’s hard to have consistent volunteers, but you guys always show up with a smile, ready, and willing to help!”

Remember how we said we’ve been giving all the pets our love? Well, we’ve continued to do that, too. We’ve partnered with the SPCA of Texas to help deliver pet food to their clients who are unable to pick up or afford pet food. Want to know what it’s like to see a Helpful Honda Guy at your front door? Take it from this Dallas resident, “I’ve only seen you on TV. I never thought I’d see you in person let alone at my house!! I didn’t know whether or not I’d be able to feed my dog this month, and having you stop by with his food is a real blessing. Thank you so much.”

We recognize the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work all of our front line medical workers have been making during this time, so we’ve been bringing Random Acts of Helpfulness their way, too. We surprised the staff at Health Services of North Texas with a $5,000 donation toward PPE Supplies to ensure their staff is well-protected while on duty and extended that donation to the HSNT patients who cannot afford their medical care at this time. They’ve shared, that “…this wonderful act of helpfulness means so much to our staff and patients! We cannot thank you enough for the… financial gift for patient care and PPE!” 

Our helpfulness and gratitude for frontline medical workers does not stop there.

In conjunction with National Nurses Week, we’re helping all frontline medical workers with FREE GAS. We’re sending our Helpful Honda Guys out to gas stations near local hospitals in Dallas, Fort Worth and McKinney to surprise them at the pumps!

For more information about National Nurses Week, to request Helpful Honda volunteers, or to receive your own Random Act of Helpfulness, make sure to visit us at, or

Stay safe out there North Texas!