Happy Hondaween from the North Texas Honda Dealers


The North Texas Honda Dealers once again brought the spirit of Halloween and giving back to their piece of the Lone Star state.

From Arlington to Mckinney all the way to Paris, the Helpful Honda teams surprised residents with festive fun at local pumpkin patches.

Visitors were invited to Trick or Treat Yo’self to the perfect carving pumpkin, and the Guys in Blue handed out trick-or-treat pouches so the kids had an easy way to collect and carry all of their Halloween loot. Not only did North Texans enjoy some Hondaween spirit, but they also enjoyed a helping hand. “I drive a Honda and I have a Honda guy taking my pumpkin to the car!”

Popping up at pumpkin patches is just one more way the North Texas Honda Dealers are lending a hand in the community. For many, this little extra help with their Halloween purchases made a big difference. One family exclaimed, “You just blessed us with this coupon,” and a teacher hoping to make her class a little more spook-tacular said, “You don’t know how happy the littles in my class will be with these.  Thanks so much, Honda people!”

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