Dads Get a Pump of Helpfulness

Here’s a helpful little car joke for you, Dad:

  • Hey Dad! We got a gift for you.
  • Oh yeah?
  • Yeah, it’s Honda way!

Ok, so Dad jokes aside, we really did bring our something nice for a lot of Dads this past Father’s Day. For the Dad who drives everywhere we brought them – FREE GAS.

We visited gas stations in Fort Worth and Frisco over Father’s Day weekend and helped so many Dads, regardless of what car they drove. And wow, the support we received was amazing. Hundreds of Dads came out to get that free pump of helpfulness. We were more than happy to celebrate and learn why you gave them the coffee mug that reads: “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Dads were so grateful and shared, “This has got to be my best Father’s Day gift!” and, “It feels good to have something just for us Dads!”

Another happy driver shared, “This is one of the best things for a company to be doing right now. Thank you Honda!” We realize that gas prices have been rising in the DFW, so this was just one more way we’re being helpful.

Right now, we’re out helping people keep cool in this Texas heat with FREE ICE CREAM! Have you seen us at your local parks? Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at NTXHondaDealers, if so!

Next up, we’re helping kids go Back to School, and giving kids the gift of reading. We’ll be donating books to every kid at various schools throughout the DFW. Want to be considered? Tune into our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how to submit your school for a Random Act of Helpfulness.