As school goes back into in-person learning, we wanted to help students get into the love of books and back to reading, so we reached out to you – our social media followers – to tell us about schools in need. Thank you for your help! After all the submissions, we headed to Stephen C. Foster Elementary School in Dallas, and Watauga Elementary School in Watauga to surprise over 1,500 students with our Helpful Honda Book Fair!

Our Helpful Honda Guys brought books appropriate for each student within their reading and grade levels, and each student got to pick and choose their favorites to take home, read, and keep! They selected from biographies highlighting helpful people making a difference in the world like Serena Williams, Nelson Mandela, Amelia Earheart, Rosa Parks, and more; to fun books about dinosaurs, and puppies, to activity books and books about the planet, the world, the jungle, and more.

The kids were so excited, one screaming, “This is like our regular book fair but better because its FREE!” and, warmly, “I appreciate you.” The teachers also shared their sentiments stating, “This means so much to our kids. Thank you for being here.”

In addition to free books, we also gifted each student with a pencil pouch, to help them store some of the school supplies in a safe place.

So, what’s next for us? More help for you! We’ll be making stops at local pumpkin patches to surprise everyone with FREE pumpkins! We’ll also be hosting special Hondaween celebrations with a local Dallas YMCA and children’s hospitals to bring even more cheer to kids during one of our favorite holidays. To find out where we’ll be, what we’ll be up to, and how you can reach out for help, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.